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All About Our Loft Boarding Service In London

Loft boarding is a process where your roof space is fitted with boards to create a usable loft space. Boarding a loft offers a cost-effective way to add space to your home without the need for a more costly extension.

The team here at London Lofts Ltd can board your roof space for you safely, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss. And what’s more, our loft boarding services won’t break the bank.


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Is Loft Boarding Right For You?

You probably know the feeling. That clutter that’s been taking up space elsewhere in the house? The mess that accumulates over years and years until you finally run out of places to put it all? Well, that becomes a thing of the past when you board up your loft.

So, say goodbye to tripping over those suitcases sitting awkwardly in the hallway, farewell to storage cupboards bursting at the seams, and leave cramped living firmly in your rear-view mirror.


How Much Does Loft Boarding in London Cost?

Loft boarding costs vary depending on a number of factors, including both the size of the roof space you want boarding out, as well as access requirements/existing access, and whether you want to add insulation or not. To get an exact price and quote on your loft boarding project, you’ll need to get in touch. However, the following prices serve as a rough guideline for what you can expect to pay for raised system loft boarding:

10 square metres

£800 to £1,200

15 square metres

£1,200 to £1,600

20 square metres

£1,600 to £2,000

30 square metres:

£2,300 to £2,600

40 square metres

£2,900 to £3,600

If you need insulation added, or have additional access requirements that need catering to, then your loft boarding cost will be higher. Most loft boarding projects will only take one or two days to complete unless the roof space is particularly complex.

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Top Architect For a Loft Boarding ready for you

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Why Choose London Lofts Ltd?

With more than a decade’s worth of loft conversion and extension experience, we provide a comprehensive package service, ensuring you receive the conversion of your dreams, whilst also providing a great customer experience as we do so. We prioritise communication throughout the entire process, and follow the mantra that no question is too much trouble, no matter how big or small.
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FAQ About Our Loft Boarding Services.

You don’t need planning permission to board a loft as it’s considered a permitted development; permitted developments are those works that can be carried out without any additional planning permissions.

However, laying floorboards over the roof’s existing joists may require a Building Regulations Application to be submitted to your local building control. 

To know if you’ll need to submit one of these applications, get in touch with our team, and we’ll be able to tell you with our knowledge of the local Building Control.

Provided you use a professional team of loft contractors like London Lofts Ltd, then the boards in a boarded loft will support the weight of someone walking on them as they place items in, or take items out of, storage. To get a more exact figure on the load-bearing capabilities of your newly boarded loft, talk to your installer.

Yes! There’s no question that utilizing loft storage is a smart way to add value to your home. Take a look at the market today and you’ll find that properties with converted lofts are commanding higher prices than similar homes without this feature.

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