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Designing and Installing Your Premium Loft Conversions For Over a Decade. Adding Value, Light and Love to Your Home.

A bit About us

London Lofts Ltd has been providing high-quality loft conversions and extensions for well over ten years. Our experience is matched by our care and commitment to our clients. Serving Greater London, as well as its surrounding regions, we’ve developed a reputation for attention to detail, communication and, of course, stunning-looking loft spaces.

We recognise that inviting tradespeople into your home can be disruptive, which is why we’re dedicated to providing as seamless and non-invasive a service as possible. Our goal is that you can get on with your daily lives with no problems whilst we’re working.

Who we are

We offer an extensive range of loft conversion services, ranging from the installation of basic shell conversions, through to more complex dormer and mansard conversions. We also offer hip-to-gable conversions, too. Our service is comprehensive in that we offer everything you need, from architectural drawings to consultation and even services to obtain planning permissions. If it’s to do with your loft and you need it? We’ve got it.

Why Choose Us

There are lots of contractors out there that offer to install loft conversions, and good loft conversions they are, too. But there are far fewer who offer a great service to the client. It’s all very well having a beautiful loft space created, but if the construction process was a nightmare, then the finished product is tainted. With London Lofts Ltd, though, we guarantee you that you’ll look back upon the whole construction process with a smile on your face.

So, if you’re ready to get that loft conversion you’ve always been dreaming of, then why not give us a call?

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