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Loft Conversion Planning Permissions in London

Securing Planning Permissions for Your Loft Conversion And Designing Truly Special Spaces

Loft Conversions Requiring Planning Permissions

Many loft conversions fall under the bracket of permitted developments, as stated in UK planning law. There are certain exceptions to this, however, meaning that – in some instances – that dream loft conversion of yours might require securing planning permissions. 

Fortunately for you, however, London Lofts Ltd has a track record of successfully obtaining planning permissions for loft conversions and extensions. There is no one type of loft conversion that requires (or doesn’t require) planning permissions. It all depends on the loft space and the proposed design, in question.

How Do I Know if I Can Convert My Loft?

Besides giving us a call to come and take a look at your loft space for you, and assess for ourselves, there are several key indicators to consider when it comes to whether your loft will require planning permissions or not to convert. These include:

If your property, then the likelihood (though not impossible) of you securing the appropriate permissions, to convert your loft is very slim. That’s because significant alterations would likely need to be made; to the timber, the roof space, and the floor below. 

Similarly, permitted developments don’t apply to properties in conservation areas, either, and any plans proposed for these properties will require planning permissions. For a more comprehensive run-down on permitted developments and planning permissions regarding loft conversions, get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Right off the bat, we’d not advise it! Even if you found a builder who was willing to do the job without proof of permissions (which is in itself a red flag) then it could come back to haunt you down the line. If you’ve breached planning laws, then local authorities can retroactively issue you with a planning application. If this is denied, then you may be forced to undo the work completed, or face prosecution as a result. In other words, don’t take the risk!

Fire doors are needed in loft conversions. According to building regulations this is a compulsory requirement of all conversions. Existing doors need to be converted to fire doors, whilst any additional doors brought in must be classed as fire doors, too.
They’re not legally required, however it might make selling your property more difficult further down the line, as there’s nothing to point to relating to build quality, or that the conversion was carried out to appropriate standards. If you’re able to procure a completion certificate, we’d always advise it.