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Design and Planning for London’s Finest Lofts

London Lofts Ltd offers a comprehensive loft design and planning service, covering everything from permitted developments and planning applications, through to 3D renders, and even pre-planning application support. We offer honest and transparent advice and support, and will incorporate design proposals into the final build as best we can, whilst still fitting in with building rules and regulations.

The Process Behind Loft Design and Planning

1. Check Viability Regarding Planning Permissions

Our first step is to assess whether planning permissions will be required to convert the proposed loft space. If so, then an assessment will be made as to the likelihood of securing said permissions. In most cases, this will require us to physically look at the space in question, which will also enable us to carry out a measured survey.

loft design

2. Design the Proposed Loft Conversion

Provided that planning permissions aren’t required (or we feel they’ll easily be obtained) then we’ll proceed to start designing your loft conversion. For this step, we’ll take into account everything you’ve told us you want from the conversion, including functionality, style choices and budget.

3. Creation of a 3D Render

Using CAD technology, we’ll create a 3D render of the proposed design, so that you can better visualise how the project will look upon completion. After we’ve created the 3D render, we’ll establish in more concrete detail the finer points, like the materials to be used, the paint, carpeting, etc.

Loft conversion work

4. We Get to Work

Once the designs and renders have been signed off upon, we’ll get cracking on the physical work itself, keeping you informed at every step of the process. We work diligently to ensure that we cause minimal disruption, wherever possible.

Loft Design and Planning FAQs


The good news is that loft conversions are ruled as permitted developments provided that it meets certain conditions. These include:


  • The proposed space doesn’t exceed 40m3 (for terraced properties) or 50m3 for detached/semi-detached properties.
  • The conversion doesn’t extend higher than the current height of the property.
  • The conversion is made using materials in keeping with the current property.
  • The conversion doesn’t extend beyond the plane of the property’s existing roof slope.
  • For a full list of conditions, visit the UK Planning Portal.

It varies from project to project, but generally speaking, a loft conversion will take somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks, however this figure might be longer if planning permissions are required.

In most cases, yes! It’s estimated that a loft conversion can add as much as 10% to 20% according to Nationwide. The exact amount of value added depends on the size of the conversion, the room’s purpose and the general quality of the build.

Generally speaking, we’d advise against designing your own loft conversion. That’s not to say you won’t have any good ideas or well-thought-out plans, it’s more that architects and designers know what minutiae to look out for, and other details that people less experienced with the design process might miss. We will always look to incorporate design ideas you have into our final designs, however, to ensure that you still feel part of the process.

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