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Is it Possible to Convert a Loft into a Bathroom: Advice

Table of Contents
bathroom ensuite

Key Takeaways

  • Loft conversion bathrooms are often ensuite, but can be main bathrooms, small shower rooms, or even full wet rooms.
  • Always consider windows and natural light when planning your loft bathroom.
  • Ventilation and plumbing are important factors to take into account.

Putting a Bathroom in the Loft Conversion

Good planning is essential, as the preparation makes for a smoother construction process. There are several things to consider, including:

  • Size
  • Lighting
  • Access
  • Plumbing
  • Style
  • Budget
  • Construction

By thinking of each factor well in advance, it’s possible to make sure you end up with the perfect bathroom in your loft conversion that is a joy to use and adds value to your home.

To Ensuite or Not To Ensuite - That is the (First) Question

Many loft conversion bathrooms are ensuite. In the UK, ensuite bathrooms are still relatively uncommon yet they remain a luxury many of us strive for. When considering making changes to your home, an ensuite loft conversion is often a primary consideration.

There are many benefits to an ensuite bathroom rather than a separate one. Privacy is one key factor, but there’s also the feeling of private space that extends a little beyond being able to lock the door. Anyone with children can empathise with the idea that sometimes you just want to have a little sanctuary where things remain untouched by young fingers, and the ensuite bathroom often provides that space, even if it’s just small.

Convenience is a second factor. If you are often waking in the middle of the night wanting the bathroom, then the few steps to the ensuite are a luxury. Ensuite bathrooms also provide couples with a sense of togetherness in the mornings and evenings, where chatting while getting ready is easy and casual.

But ensuite is not the only way. A shared separate bathroom is perfect if the loft is being cut into two bedrooms and can still be almost as convenient as an ensuite, and many bathrooms in loft conversions are larger affairs, replacing the older main family bathroom.

Some inventive designers even go half way. Consider the open plan bedroom / bathroom where the bath is a feature in the bedroom itself. The toilet should still be ensuite, of course, but a bath in the bedroom is an enjoyable luxury that makes the space romantic and a long, languishing bath a true pleasure. 

Loft conversion wet rooms are another option, giving the shower area a sense of space and freedom with which a smaller cubicle cannot compare.

Loft Bathroom Windows and Doors

The placement and size of windows and doors are an important early consideration. Sliding doors can help make the most of smaller spaces, while large windows provide that desirable natural light.

Depending on the type of loft conversion, the desire for good lighting may determine the location of the bathroom in the floorplan. Dormer loft conversions, for example, may take advantage of the additional headspace and vertical window of the dormer to place the bathroom accordingly.

Skylights are a great way to add a window to your loft conversion bathroom if the main windows are insufficient to light the bathroom.

Bathrooms without a window can suffer greatly, both from ventilation and condensation issues, as well as being slightly oppressive to spend time in. Good electrical lighting and ventilation fans can mitigate these issues somewhat, but there’s no real replacement for a window that opens to fresh air.

Your loft conversion is at the top of the house, so it could also be that you are placed above any external view through the windows, further enabling you to enjoy some larger window options.

For doors, it’s important to plan the placement of the bathroom furniture with access in mind. While most bathroom doors in the UK swing inward, this can cut significantly into the space available for a smaller ensuite bathroom, and it may make more sense to have the door open externally into the corridor or bedroom space.

Plumbing Your Bathroom

Plumbing is an essential part of every bathroom and planning water and waste properly is key. This should be done early in the process to make sure that any issues are flagged early on. At London Lofts Ltd., we have the experience necessary to give you all the advice you need regarding the plumbing of your bathroom in the loft conversion. Be sure to speak to one of our experts about this important aspect.

Styling Your Loft Conversion Bathroom

styling loft conversion bathroom

Once the size and space considerations are taken into account, it’s time to enjoy the aesthetic side of your bathroom. There are a huge number of loft conversion bathroom ideas that work well, with tiling ideas for a compact ensuite through to some magnificent free standing baths for luxurious main bathrooms. Many of our London Lofts Ltd. advisors are passionate about the look and feel of loft bathrooms – why not discuss your thoughts with us?

Budgeting For (and Profiting From) Your Loft Conversion Bathroom

Bathrooms in your loft conversion can range widely in cost, with simple toilet-only ensuites starting at around £2,500. As bathrooms are typically included in a complete loft conversion, the type of conversion is going to be the biggest factor in determining budget.

It is money well spent, however. In 2022, Ideal Home suggested that adding an additional bathroom to your property could increase its value by as much as £50,000. Generally, though, an additional bathroom is thought to improve your house’s market value by 4% to 5% – plus adding a bathroom has no impact on planning permission.

Converting Your Loft with London Lofts

If you are looking to add a bathroom to your loft conversion, speak to us at London Lofts Ltd. for a competitive quote. Our construction engineers and plumbers are fully qualified and we will ensure you get the perfect bathroom for your needs. Why not contact us today?